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Rarely do self published books make a profit. In just 3 years, a 41.7% profit has just been achieved by ESETOMES brand of books/services, ESE, Inc. shared today. “Like many self published Authors, I spent my first year or so focused entirely on unit sales. After researching what successful self publishers were doing, I built a supporting “infrastructure,” if you will, around my books. This decision, along with the tremendous support from purchasers of my titles has placed us in a positive cash flow position. My thanks to all who have played a part in this milestone achievement,” said ESE, Inc. CEO/Author Eric Simmons.

ESETOMES is the copyrighted brand name for written works by ESE, Inc. CEO, Eric Simmons. The brand currently includes his four Amazon “Best Sellers” “Not Far From The Tree,” “#HTSP - How to Self-Publish,” “Getting Your Book Into Libraries,” and “Self Publisher’s Toolkit.” Other works under the brand include “ESETOMES Box Set,” an eBook compilation of Simmons’ first two books, and his article, “How To Get Your Book Into Libraries,” which became the top Google search result, out of over 2 billion, on the topic of, “getting your book into libraries.”

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