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#HTSP - How to Self-Publish

#HTSP - How to Self-Publish

#HTSP - How to Self Publish is a concise 93-page “how to” book which can be used as a resource or “primer” by first-time self-publishers and others interested in self-publishing.  Simmons shares the methodology he used for his Amazon "Best Sellers" Memoir, Not Far From The Tree.

5 Star Image
5 Star Image

"#HTSP - How to Self Publish" Reviews


Thorough!  That's the word I would use to describe #HTSP.  Simmons left no stone unturned with this one.  Pretty much any question a first-time self-publisher could ask seems to have been addressed by this book.


    -  Michael McCree, Amazon “Best Selling” self-published Author.

"As a new author this is a great reference book."

    -  Barbara Mostella

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