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CEO Recommends Asking for Creatives’ Permission

ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons is a stickler for asking others for permission to use their creative works; the Company shared today. Not only does it protect him and his Company against copyright infringement, he believes it’s the courteous thing to do. Recently, Simmons emailed Dana Trilk of Dana Trilk Photography ( requesting her permission to use a spectacular photo (see the previous post) she had taken of the West Chester Library, an ESE, Inc. customer in Ohio. Generally, there might be a fee associated with high-quality pictures, but because Simmons asked permission, Ms. Trilk was gracious enough to allow him to use the photo gratis. Something similar happened when Simmons requested the use of a picture for his Memoir, “Not Far From The Tree,” that had been taken by a photographer, of the little known underground tunnel beneath the Alabama state capitol building. Years earlier, while employed with IBM, Simmons was perhaps the first civilian to ever use the passageway, and the corridor was where the CEO met then Alabama Governor George Corley Wallace for the first time. “You never know whether you’ll have to pay to use a Creative’s work or whether their material is copyrighted, but it always pays to ask for permission,” said Simmons who wrote on the topic “Use of Third Party Material” in Chapter 4 of his book, “#HTSP – How to Self-Publish.”

“Not Far From The Tree” and “#HTSP - How to Self-Publish” are copyrighted products of ESE, Inc.

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