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Memoir Currently Libraries’ Favorite

ESE, Inc. shared today, of the 89 Library customers that have purchased its ESETOMES books, to date, CEO Eric Simmons’ Memoir, “Not Far From The Tree,” has been the most popular in 2 of 3 segments. Of the three separate books purchased by Public Libraries, 60 of the 76, or 84%, were for the Memoir, and of the two different books acquired by Academic Libraries, 24 of the 25, or 95%, were for the Memoir. Of the three separate books purchased by Library Services companies, 43% of them were for “#HTSP - How to Self-Publish.” Newly released, “Getting Your Book Into Libraries” has had sales in two categories (Public and Library Services).

ESETOMES is the brand name for written works by ESE, Inc. CEO, Eric Simmons.

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