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#HTSP Hardcover Binding Completed for Schomburg Center

ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons was notified today by the New York Public Library that the hardcover binding of “#HTSP - How to Self-Publish” for its research arm, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, has been completed. The paperback book was hardbound for "indefinite" preservation, per the Center, to enable future Schomburg guests and researchers to study the book for generations to come. The book’s permalink address is, and its Call Number, or shelf location, is Sc D 19-498, which is four books down from NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s autobiography. #HTSP, as it’s called, joins, “Not Far From The Tree,” which has also been hardbound by the Center, in the Library’s esteemed Collection. The two works are the first books ever written by Simmons.

In 1998, the Schomburg Center's Collection was considered as consisting of the rarest, and most useful, Afrocentric artifacts of any public library in the United States. At least as late as 2006, it is viewed as the most prestigious for African-American materials in the country. (Source: Wikipedia)

Schomburg Center Jean Blackwell Hutson Interior

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