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“Top 10” Countries Visiting ESETOMES Site

Today, ESE, Inc. listed the “Top 10” countries that have had visitors go onto the Company’s ESETOMES website following the posting of CEO Eric Simmons’ article, “How To Get Your Book Into Libraries” by New York Times bestselling Author Joanna Penn on her website, “The Creative Penn.” Posted on June 12th, the article has currently drawn visitors from a total of nineteen (19) countries onto the ESETOMES site, which contains Simmons’ self-published works. According to ESE, Inc.’s Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Twitter Analytics data along with comments on Penn’s site, there have been 1,013 total interactions related to the article, the largest amount of those being 414 direct link visits from, “The Creative Penn” site. On Twitter alone, there have been 224 retweets, likes, mentions, and follows plus 143 views of Simmons’ profile.

“How To Get Your Book Into Libraries” is a copyrighted product of ESE, Inc.

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