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StreetLib Reports Sale of “Getting Your Book Into Libraries”

ESE, Inc. shared today, StreetLib (@StreetLib) has reported an OverDrive (@OverDriveLibs) sale of the eBook version of “Getting Your Book Into Libraries” to a U.S. based Library. Based in Loreto, Italy, Streetlib is an eBook Aggregator that ESE, Inc. began utilizing last February to expand its ESETOMES books’ worldwide reach. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, OverDrive is a global distributor of digital content for Libraries & schools, and it has a growing network of more than 43,000 libraries and schools in 75 countries.

“Getting Your Book Into Libraries” is a copyrighted product of ESE, Inc.

ESETOMES is the copyrighted brand name for written works by ESE, Inc. CEO, Eric Simmons.

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