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Simmons Impressed with Milton Library Patrons

After departing his “How to Self-Publish,” presentation at the Milton Public Library Wednesday evening, ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons stated he was impressed with the Patrons in attendance, the Company reported. “The attendees were incredibly sharp and asked me some of the toughest questions about self-publishing I’ve ever been asked. Their level of interest, questioning, and interaction was such the session went thirty minutes over the allotted time!” remarked Simmons. Patron feedback about Simmons’ presentation included: “Great presentation!” “I learned a lot.” “Extremely beneficial!” Pleased with the outcome, the Library expressed interest in having Simmons come back to present again, and he plans to do so.

Eric Simmons’ “How to Self-Publish” presentation is a copyrighted product of ESE, Inc.

Milton Public Library (Milton, Georgia)

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