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"Not Far From The Tree" Turns 2 Today

Two years ago, today, ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons nervously submitted to CreateSpace, Amazon's self-publishing unit, what he hoped would be his last modification. Overly anxious to get his Memoir, "Not Far From The Tree," the first book he had ever written, out the door, Simmons estimates he failed CreateSpace's submission test at least a dozen times just because he wouldn't adhere to the Company's guidelines for book covers. This time though, the new Author had finally relented and followed CreateSpace's instructions, step by step. Now, he would have to wait 4 to 8 hours before he would receive an automated status update with a pass or fail notification.

After having spent 9 months on genealogical and family research for his Memoir and then another 7 months writing it, Simmons was mentally and physically exhausted from the 16-month project. The last thing he needed was to be hung up on some "nit-picky" procedure that was preventing him from releasing his book. What seemed like an eternity had passed when an email finally arrived. When he opened it, Simmons learned his book had met all of the requirements to be printed, distributed and sold through Amazon. It was March 7, 2017, and "Not Far From The Tree" was put on sale on later that day.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, "Not Far From The Tree!" You've come a long way baby!!

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