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Library Article Spawned New Book

ESE, Inc. shared today, numerical data associated with CEO Eric Simmons’ article, “How To Get Your Book Into Libraries,” and a Goodreads message he received, are what compelled him to write, “Getting Your Book Into Libraries.”

Following the article’s posting by Joanna Penn from, to share with her worldwide fans, including 84,000 Twitter followers, the piece quickly rose to become the top search result out of 1 billion on the topic. Renowned word refiner Mark Schultz (@wordrefiner) likewise shared the article with his 40,000 Twitter followers. Also, the Company’s Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, and Google Search Console data revealed nearly 5,000 interactions (tweets, retweets, like mentions, linking websites, etc.) from readers in 30 countries. When Simmons received a Goodreads message from a reader of the article wondering why he hadn’t packaged the piece into a book, he knew it was time to take action. He was further convinced after learning that out of over 1 billion Google search results related to “getting your book into libraries,” a book, as best as can be determined, had never been written on the subject – until Simmons’ “Getting Your Book Into Libraries.”

“How To Get Your Book Into Libraries” and “Getting Your Book Into Libraries” are copyrighted products of ESE, Inc.

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