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ESETOMES Books On/Off/On Google Play Store

ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons recently went onto the Google Play Store to check on his ESETOMES books, and to his surprise, they weren’t there the Company reported today. A recent policy change by Google apparently caused Simmons’ works to be taken off the site. Per Aggregator PublishDrive, “Their updated policies require them to have a direct relationship with copyright holders (authors and publishers).” The problem Simmons had was ESE, Inc. already had a two-year existing direct relationship with Google, via its “Partner” program. To further exacerbate matters, ESE, Inc.’s account number was lost. ESE, Inc. provided Google with its account number and has re-uploaded its ESETOMES books. All but the ESETOMES Box Set are now back on the Play Store. “Wow!” said Simmons.

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