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ESETOMES Books Arriving Abroad

Internet Bookshop Italia

The ePub versions of ESETOMES books, "Not Far From The Tree" and "#HSTP - How to Self-Publish" have begun arriving in bookstores abroad, ESE Inc. announced today. In Japan, the books are being offered on the Kinokuniya Web Store and in Italy on the Internet Bookshop Italia. ESETOMES is the brand name for books written by ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons.

"Last year, I shared I wanted our books to be ubiquitous. Expansion abroad is one way to accomplish this goal. When I look at the NOP World Culture Score Index of the 30 Countries that read the most, Japan and Italy are in the Top 30. Both are in the Top 50 of the EF EPI (English Proficiency Index) as well. As a result, It makes all of the sense in the world, pun intended, for ESETOMES books to be global," commented Simmons.

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