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ESE, Inc. Grows Its Business 151.69%

ESE, Inc. News Release

January 7, 2019

Based on its 2018 Net Profit, ESE, Inc. reported today the Company grew 151.69% over 2017, which was its start-up year. Comprised of two business units, website development, and books, the Company’s growth was led by increased sales in website development and a 26% decrease in operating expenses.

ESE, Inc. 2017-2018 Year over Year Growth Chart

“I’m very pleased with the Company’s 2018 performance. We found creative ways to increase our sales across both of our business units while lowering our expenses. With some potential projects we have in the works, 2019 could turn out to be a really big year for the Company. I’m excited about our prospects!” stated CEO Eric Simmons.

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