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Back-to-Back Checkouts at “Star Library”

ESE, Inc. shared today, “Not Far From The Tree,” CEO Eric Simmons’ Memoir, had been checked out in back-to-back months at Stark County District Library, a 2018 American Library Association “Star Library.” Stark County, the possessor of two copies of the Memoir, had both books checked out in July and now has one of the books checked out in August. If you don’t think checkouts are a big deal to Libraries, in January, San Diego County Library released its, “Top 18 Library Checkouts for 2018” (, and in December, the New York Public Library (NYPL), the nation’s largest Public Library, revealed its most checked out books in an extensive article, “Top Checkouts of 2018” ( Note: NYPL’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture is the holder of two copies of Simmons’ works, “Not Far From The Tree” and “#HTSP - How to Self-Publish.”

Checkouts are also important to CEO Simmons as relates to his books. Why? Per the American Library Association, “Research shows that library loans (i.e., checkouts) encourage people to buy books.” “In addition to the increased exposure Library checkouts afford Authors, there are several other dynamics in play, I feel. One, an article I read mentioned after 25 checkouts, a book becomes worn and may need to be replaced, which would mean another potential book sale. Two, Pew Research Center data indicates those who use libraries are more likely than others to be book buyers. So, every time I see one of my books checked out at a Library, I foresee two additional sales, the replacement and a new purchase, down the road. Think about it - additional sales with no increase in marketing expense. To me, that’s a winning scenario.” said Simmons.

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