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In today’s competitive landscape, “Building Your Own Brand” is a necessity if you want to stand out amongst the crowd.  With over 15 years of experience in helping Student-Athletes promote their "Personal Brand" to Colleges, ESE, Inc., a Certified Wix Webmaster company, is well positioned to assist its clients in the development of personalized Internet websites.


As an introduction, I am a former DI College Athlete (Varsity Basketball Letterman - Auburn University) and I spent over 30 years in Sales/Sales Management with Fortune 500 employers (IBM, AT&T, GE, MCI and W.W. Grainger).  When my 3 children reached High School, I began helping them sell themselves to College Coaches.  In conjunction with their athletic ability and solid grades, I utilized the latest technology to develop a Marketing Package for my kids similar to the "Student-Athlete" website you will be receiving from ESE, Inc.  My strategy resulted in 2 of my children receiving DI athletic scholarships (1 in baseball from Georgia State University, 1 in Volleyball from Kennesaw State University) and the 3rd child received an offer to play DIII baseball (Covenant College).  Note: DIII doesn't offer athletic scholarships.   


While no company can or should guarantee you'll get an athletic scholarship via their service(s), there are steps that can be taken to maximize the Student-Athlete's exposure with College Coaches, and one is the Internet.  In fact, more and more "Prospective Student-Athlete Questionnaires" are asking for Internet-related information such as Website, Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter handles, etc.    


We believe having their own website versus having to share a portion of one with someone else is a better solution for the Student-Athlete in terms of their Internet presence, Today, Tomorrow, and in the Future.  Why not invest in a "Personal Brand" website that can be used as a platform for multiple events such as Engaging Coaches (for recruitment), Engaging Colleges (for admission), and later Engaging Companies (for employment)?  I refer to this as the Student-Athlete's EC³ Continuum.  If Student-Athletes and their Parents are seeking a "long-term" solution, they've come to the right place.  If it's a "short-term" solution desired, we're probably not a good fit.


Thank you for investing your time today to learn about ESE, Inc.  We look forward to doing business with you.




Eric Otis Simmons


ESE, Inc.

Author, "Not Far From The Tree" and "#HTSP - How to Self-Publish"



"Never sell anyone anything that you yourself would not buy" - Eric Simmons

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