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Webinars Next Step for “How to Self-Publish”

ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons announced today, the next step for his sought after, “How to Self-Publish” presentation would be presentment through Webinar delivery. Taking a cue from Georgia State Professor Perry Binder who described the session to his over 4,000 Twitter followers as a, “Great Presentation,” and suggested during one of Simmons’ sessions that he should take the session, “on the road,” the Amazon “Best Seller” Author plans to use technology to do just that. “Yesterday, our VP of Quality Control, Kevin Simmons, and I tested my doing the presentation via a Webinar and the video conferencing technology I’ll be using worked flawlessly. The benefit to Libraries is that they will be able to bring a much sought-after topic to their Patrons. On my end, it’s a cost-effective way to get into a number of libraries and create additional exposure for my books. Everybody wins!” said Simmons.

Strategically, Simmons plans to start rolling out the offering next month to Libraries in the Southeast, where ESE, Inc. has had its largest library books sales. That would be in the states of Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.

The “How to Self-Publish” presentation by Eric Otis Simmons is a copyrighted product of ESE, Inc.

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