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Renowned Word Refiner Sharing Simmons Article

Mark Schultz, President of Oregon based Word Refiner, which specializes in proofreading books for Authors, has kept a promise to ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons. Upon reading Simmons, article, “How To Get Your Book Into Libraries,” on New York Times bestselling Author Joanna Penn’s website, The Creative Penn, Schultz commented, “Great information! Thank you, Eric, for sharing the wisdom you have gathered. I will share this widely.” Since then, Schultz, who Simmons has never met, has mentioned the article several times on Twitter. Schultz has nearly 33,000 Twitter followers, and his page has over 228,000 likes! Since the article was posted and through Schultz’s latest mention of the article again today, the ESETOMES website has had 101 New Visitors, and they are averaging 2.57 pages per session. The industry average is 1.5 pages per session!

“I’m immensely grateful to Joanna and Mark for providing the article such tremendous exposure. An obvious byproduct has been increased exposure for ESEInc., our ESETOMES family of books, and myself, said Simmons.

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