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Amazing Story About Atlanta-Fulton County Library System

“Two years ago, when I reached out to the Atlanta-Fulton County Library System’s Central Library about my Memoir, “Not Far From The Tree,” I didn’t realize the facility was about to close for a two-year renovation. Today, when I saw SirsiDynix’s video awarding the System for how the Central Library had created a “Pop-Up Library in the Park” to accommodate local citizens,, during its closure, I felt embarrassed about how persistent I had been in asking for the Library’s consideration of my book. Now, I understand why it took some time for them to order my work. In retrospect, I’m amazed the System’s Collection Development Manager was even able to respond to my emails considering the circumstances. Admittedly, after viewing the video, my admiration for the Atlanta-Fulton County Library System has grown exponentially, and I’m even more proud and elated now that my book is amongst the System’s notable Collection! Even amid system-wide renovations, the System continues to do an outstanding job serving its Visitors!” said ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons.

“Not Far From The Tree” is a copyrighted product of ESE, Inc.

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