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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why should I do business with ESE, Inc.


A.  The Prospective Student-Athlete is basically in a “Job Interview” type of scenario.  What are their skills and qualifications?  What do their grades look like?  What success have they had? 


Would you go into a job interview with an outdated resume?  A “Personal Brand” website is a clear way for the Student-Athlete to be “current” and distinguish themselves from others who are using outdated methods.  College Coaches work long hours.  The Internet is 24/7.  Why not use it to increase the chance of getting recognized?  Plus, what other company is thinking “long-term” strategy for the Student-Athlete?  A Personalized Website can be used by the Student-Athlete over time to Engage Coaches (for recruiting), Engage Colleges (for Admission) and Engage Companies (for employment).  It’s called the EC³ Continuum, and we are so confident in our ability to deliver on it for our Clients, we Copyrighted the term.


Q.  Are you registered with the NCAA?


A.  On 5/28/2017, ESE, Inc. successfully registered with the NCAA at  We didn’t feel our “Student-Athlete Website Service” fell under the NCAA Definition of Recruiting or Scouting Services 13.14., however.  The NCAA agreed, and on 5/30/2017 wrote ESE, Inc. and stated, “The recruiting/scouting service approval process was created specifically with basketball and football in mind.  If your service does not currently provide information on prospects in those sports, it is not subject to the approval process.  Further, it is also not necessary for you to apply since the information about prospects is available to the general public.” 


This was music to ESE, Inc.’s ears in that we don’t view ourselves as a Recruiting/Scouting Service.  We are a Student-Athlete Website Service that assists the Student-Athlete in the presentment of their “Personal Brand” and qualifications to Coaches of NCAA member institutions.  Also, we are currently not addressing football or basketball.


Q.  Why do I have to sign a 1-year contract?


A.  ESE, Inc. believes the Student-Athlete will be reaching out to College Coaches multiple times in the course of a year.  Because College Coaches and their staffs are busy, no one can predict when a Coaching Staff will review the Student Athlete’s site.  As a result, we feel one year is a sufficient amount of time to allow Coaches to visit the website, should they choose to do so.


Q.  How did you come up with the cost of your service?


A.  The first thing we did was validate our assumption that there was a need for what we are offering.  We reviewed numerous Colleges’ “Prospective Student-Athlete Questionnaires” and found more and more Institutions are requesting Internet and Social media information.  Once that box was checked, we reviewed Wikipedia’s list of NCAA DI Coaches and found like we suspected, it was out of date due to numerous Coaching changes.  We are currently updating the list.  Then, we looked at our cost of doing business, income taxes and the like, research time, and website development cost.  After we had come up with our estimated total expenses, we researched what Scouting and Recruiting Services charged and felt we could offer something much more robust and less expensive due to our low overhead.  We recognized monthly payment plans would be more appealing to customers and in line with how most web hosting service companies charge.  Lastly, we came up with a reasonable profit to sustain our daily business operations.    


Q.  Can you tell me how many hits my website gets?


A.  We can, using Google Analytics.  We provide our Clients with their Google Analytics Tracking ID and provide them information on how they can view their site hits/data.  This enables our Clients to view relevant information about their site reports when it is convenient for them.

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