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ESE, Inc. Achieves Goal of 50 Libraries Purchasing in 2018

ESE, Inc. announced today; it had met its "2018 Library Initiative" of having ESETOMES books, "Not Far From The Tree" and "#HTSP - How to Self-Publish" in 50 Libraries by the end of the year. Launched last January, the "Initiative" resulted in 5 of the Nation’s 25 largest Public Libraries (New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Cuyahoga County) and two of the Country’s largest Academic Libraries (Washington University and Auburn University) making book purchases. In total, 30 Public Libraries, 16 Academic Libraries and 2 Library Services companies acquired, "Not Far From The Tree" and 1 Public Library and 1 Library Services company bought the recently released "#HTSP - How to Self-Publish." Sales occurred in 22 states through ESE, Inc. Aggregator partners Amazon, Ingram, Draft2Digital, and Smashwords.

“Not Far From The Tree” and "#HTSP - How to Self-Publish" are copyrighted products of ESE, Inc.

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