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CEO Believes Multi-Orders Tied to Checkouts

Six (6) Libraries now have both of ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons’ first two ESETOMES books, and he believes checkout performance of his works led to multiple orders and will lead to potential sales down the road the Company shared today. “When we began selling to Libraries last year, I knew book circulation was important to Librarians. If a book sits on a Library’s shelf and collects dust, it will be difficult for an Author to convince the Library to purchase another one of his or her future books. Conversely, if the Author’s book stays in circulation (i.e., it is checked in and out routinely), the odds of making a future sale to the Library go up dramatically, I feel.

Over the past year, we’ve seen consistent checkout of our ESETOMES books at our Customer locations, and I believe this solid performance is directly tied to their multiple orders. Factor in Library Journal’s recent, “Generational Reading Survey 2019,” which found 42% of the adults surveyed purchased the same book they had borrowed from a Library, a future Patron purchase could result as well. That makes two potential sales associated with book checkouts,” said Simmons.

ESETOMES is the copyrighted brand name for written works by ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons.

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