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Book Website Gets Overhaul

ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Simmons, a Certified Wix Webmaster, has overhauled the Company’s ESETOMES website to incorporate the pending release of his latest self-published book, “#HTSP – How to Self-Publish,” the Company announced today. The updated site will also be home to Simmons’ Memoir, “Not Far From The Tree.” The revisions include a new color scheme, a short description for each book, separate pages for each work with book reviews, updated “Purchase” page so site visitors can order one or both books from the site, and a “Look Inside” for "#HTSP – How to Self-Publish"

which will allow prospective buyers to peruse 2 chapters of the book. The site is operational with updates pending on the new book’s links to Barnes & Noble and several other retailers’ purchasing pages for the book.

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