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CEO's Books

In addition to helping High School athletes get recruited, ESE, Inc. CEO Eric Otis Simmons is the Author of two self-published books.  His first book, "Not Far From The Tree" is a Memoir about his life being raised by a single Parent and the "seeds of knowledge" she instilled in him that enabled him to achieve academic, athletic and business success with some of America's largest Corporations.  In its first year, the book ranked in the “Top 1%” (of over 8,000,000 books sold worldwide on a total of 33 times and was in the “Top 10%” 113 times!


The success of Simmons' first book yielded numerous inquiries as to how he was able to successfully self publish a book.  To help other aspiring self-publishers, Simmons recently wrote, "#HTSP - How to Self-Publish" which he released in  October 2018.

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